More About The Team

Todd has been involved in the real estate industry for the past decade. He got his start in valuation and market research while managing a leading real estate appraising company. While there, he developed systems to automate market research and data collection processes. During this time, he also began flipping and obtaining rental properties. Through flipping and owning rental properties, he gained valuable experience in deal analysis and property management. Over the last two years, Todd has focused almost exclusively on hard money lending. From August 2012 to August 2013, he was responsible for over $5 million in hard money loans to flippers. From his experience in hard money lending has come the system now in place at Rehab Loan Group. Todd has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer and we are very pleased to have him on board.

Stephen has spent over 11 years in the real estate industry. Starting as a courier for a major title company gave him a ten thousand foot view of the industry. He quickly became the head of the Riverside customer service department, managing all the trustee sale research for the areas largest bidders. Stephen later moved on to investor sales and acquisitions with a private real estate firm. He began taking on partners and investing very early in his career. Through the down turn and well into the market recovery, Stephen facilitated the acquisition and disposition of real estate for mid size and major investors. He generated well over six million dollars in gross profits. Stephen also re/branded and built several local real estate firms. He holds the role of Chief Operating Officer and heads up sales and marketing.

While in college, studying Computer Science, Bill began developing software with a fellow classmate. This led to the development of one of the first child safe web browsers. Bill went on to work for a company that created software and websites for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000s. From there, Bill began work as a software developer for the largest, private geo-data company in the world. Prior to coming on board with us, Bill had been working for a company that develops software for the majority of credit unions. Bill has now come on board as our Chief Technology Officer. His knowledge and experience has truly been an asset and will continue to be an asset going forward.